About Michelle: My beauty philosophy

My beauty philosophy includes safe, clean ingredients, the right routine & healthy living

Michelle Ray
Modeling test shoot, 2019

The goal of this site is to share honest, accurate information about quality products that can make a real difference in your skin's health and appearance.

If you care about choosing products that are safe, effective and cruelty-free, you are in the right place!

You can also do your own research. One excellent place to start is EWG, which rates many personal care products as submitted voluntarily by the manufacturer.

Finding the best products for your skin can be time consuming, confusing and expensive.

And to make it more complicated, your skincare needs can change (a lot!) from your 30's to 40's, 50's and beyond.

Every brand says their products are the best. How do you decide?

While no product works for everyone, I will only share brands I personally use and wholeheartedly recommend. While I purchase some products and others are given to me at no charge, I am not sponsored by any manufacturers.

My professional background

I certainly don't know it all, but I've spent 13 years working in the skincare industry. My roles included medical aesthetics outside sales representative, staff trainer, customer service lead & product development manager. I've also consulted for a variety of skin, spa and haircare brands.

The good news is, skincare doesn’t have to be time consuming, complicated or expensive.

My beauty philosophy regarding skin is simple: I believe that the best products incorporate science & nature, with high quality ingredients and appropriate frequency of use that address longterm skin health over a quick improvement in its appearance.

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A beauty philosophy rooted in health & self care

Yoga helps create a more balanced mind, body and spirit

In my 30’s, I studied yoga, massage therapy and other healing modalities. Classes on nutrition, yoga therapy, pranic healing and Ayurveda helped me create a healthier lifestyle. I found that nutrient dense, organic foods made a huge difference in my skin, mood and energy level. Without clean, nutritious foods, being healthy and vibrant is not possible. No skin product can overcome chronic poor health. These studies helped me understand that a healthy body, mind and spirit is the best foundation for beautiful skin.

Products are important, but they are just one piece of the puzzle. I began to understand that skin reflects our internal wellness, core health and even happiness. 

Choose the right products & routine for your skin

Do you love make-overs? Like most women, I love transformations and those "before & after" photos!

My absolute favorite aspect of my job selling aesthetics products was seeing the "Before & After" transformations post peel. I loved talking to patients about their skin issues and helping them create the right routine for better skin. It is very rewarding to see a patient happy with her complexion after battling pigmentation, acne, sun damage or other skin problem.

SBR's mission is sharing safe, effective, cruelty-free products

I believe that creating smart beauty rituals fosters our inner and outer beauty and well being.

With that in mind, I'm excited to be an authorized reseller for 302 Professional Skincare.  It's a unique company with a "less is more" philosophy that's different from many other popular brands.

ceramide serum
Ceramide Serum with Vitamins A & C, peptides and ceramics for firmer, plumper skin

It's the brand I use every day to maintain my complexion.

That said, I will also be reviewing other high quality lines on this site. Results can vary, but I promise to only share products I've used and can wholeheartedly recommend.

Visit About 302 Skincare to learn what this exceptional line can do for your skin!

Experience vibrant, healthy skin at any age

I started modeling and acting after I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago. While at first I was afraid of the going gray process and how I would look with gray hair (mine turned out silver-blond), it turned out to be an amazing, empowering experience.

It was a big surprise to ultimately feel prettier, happier and more authentic with my real hair color. And I absolutely love being free of constant hair color appointments. To order my e-book, Go Gray Your Way!, click here.

Growing older has its challenges, but I think women are beautiful and deserve to feel good about their beauty, bodies and skin.

Thank you for reading.  I hope my site is helpful to you and I would love to hear from you!

Modeling for Odacite, a cruelty-free, luxury skincare brand

Not sure where to start?

Want youthful, clear skin? Check out My Must Have Routine to learn more about healing skin inflammation, for a clear, younger looking, healthier complexion.

Ready to go cruelty free from from head to toe? Read My Favorite products for a cruelty-free lifestyle!

Babo Naturals for a calming bath
Babo Naturals, for a luxurious, calming bath time treat

Please note: I only share products I've used or use personally and wholeheartedly recommend. All products are Cruelty-Free.

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