June 2, 2020

8 Superstar eye make-up products

Enhance your eyes with these game changing eye make-up products!

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One thing I've noticed since turning forty is a change in the appearance of my eyes.  My eyes look smaller, due to the skin being less firm and taut in this area. 

Luckily, the right eye make-up can go a long way to help enhance the eyes as we age. In our 20's and 30's, its easy to get by with a bit of mascara.  These days, I look my best when I spend more time on my eye make-up.

Don't worry - you don't need to run out and buy a lot of make-up or watch hours of video lessons!  I've yet to learn how to apply eye shadow properly, but these 3 simple steps (and a few fantastic products!) can add a lot to your everyday look.

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STEP 1: Create full, shapely brows

Brows are a hot topic right now! However, they've always been important.  The brows frame the eyes and face.  As you get older, a defined brow can help give structure to your upper face.  

Brows become even more important if your hair is gray, silver or white. Choosing a darker brow is your choice, of course, but some find the contrast is flattering in that it brings more focus to your eyes.

While some women may prefer natural brows, I like to cover the few grey hairs in mine with mascara.  Most days, I use NYX Brow Mascara in Brunette. Not only does it hide the lighter hairs, it makes my brows look fuller and instantly more youthful.  This 5 second step is always part of my morning routine.

I also like Hourglass Cosmetics brow mascara in soft brunette.

The color is just a bit softer and lighter.  Finding the right color for your skin tone and hair color is essential, so take your time finding your perfect match.

If your hair is gray, you will probably look best with a cool brown or taupe rather than a warm brown. Gray, white and silver hair are cool colors so a cool brown (rather than a warm chestnut or auburn) tends to complement these shades.

Next, I used NYX Brow Powder in Taupe to draw in a very slight curve on top. This makes the brows look more symmetrical and thicker. Unlike many pencils, this one is soft and easy to use. The color is very natural. Anyone can use this pencil and feel like a pro!  Best of all, it stays put the entire day.

NYX says "Our unique eyebrow pencil’s superfine texture provides a powdery-soft, matte finish, plus it's a double duty goodie - a powder pencil plus a spoolie brush to put the finishing touches on your arches."

STEP 2: Eyeliner in a rich, soft color 

For workdays or a natural look, I usually stick with browns like Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Whiskey ($21).  These go on smoothly and evenly.

Whiskey is a warm, rich brown.  If you happen to have gray, silver or white hair, neutrals like brown tend to look less harsh, more natural than black.

Another neutral that works well for many women is navy blue. Blue tends to brighten the eyes. My current favorite is Fenty Beauty's "Bachelor Pad." It's dramatic without being flashy, ideal for a date night or night out.

For a change, I also like Marc Jacobs new liners in summer colors like the bright, silvery "Deja Blue" for daytime. They glide on smoothly, with a powder finish.  This soft, light liner is a quick and easy eye opener.

Lining the top lid only is usually a better look for most women over forty. Too much emphasis on the lower lid can draw attention to lines or wrinkles.

STEP 3: Volumizing mascara

I've searched high and low for the best volumizing, easy to use mascara to restore my thinning lashes to their former beauty. Volumizing mascara that does not smudge is one of my personal makeup essentials, along with lipstick and a great foundation.

Luxe option

After much trial and error, I found Thrive Causemetic's Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara while searching online for cruelty-free mascara.

With just one coat, this product really delivers! My lashes almost look fake, in a good way.  This is due to Thrive's "Flake free technology,"  which combines rejuvenating Korean pasque flower extract and ultra-flexible film-forming polymers to dramatically lengthen and fortify every lash from root to tip.

My lashes are much lusher, so my eyes appear larger and brighter. This mascara also contains ingredients to support growth of healthy lashes.

At $24.00, this was a bit of a splurge for me, but it's a keeper! The company is woman owned and donates make-up to women in need, so I don't mind the price.

This product does not smear and can be easily removed with coconut oil or any make-up remover. 

Drugstore Option

If you prefer a budget option, I also like Covergirl Lash Blast in black for around $6. This company recently became cruelty-free, and the product does make lashes fuller without smearing or clumping.

Your lashes will not be as dramatically thicker, but it is a great every day option especially if you buy a new one as recommended every 3 months.



A few quick steps with the right products (and colors!) can really go a long way to emphasize your beautiful eyes. If you have questions,  please let me know in the comments below!

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Michelle Ray is a skin care brand consultant with 13 years of experience in medical aesthetics sales, product development and marketing. She is also a former yoga teacher/massage therapist and a lifelong beauty-product junkie. 

Michelle operates the Smart Beauty Rituals website where she shares honest, accurate information about quality products that can make a real difference in your skin's health and appearance. 


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