February 2, 2021


Do you miss your pre-pandemic salon and spa beauty treatments?

Personally, I don’t miss the salon color every 4 weeks that stopped when I went natural to my own silver, blond and white color. For more information on going gray (silver or white) check out my e-book GO GRAY YOUR WAY or talk on YouTube.

Still, I crave some version of my past spa day treatments. I looked forward to everything about them, from the pre appointment magazines, cappucino or wine, to the treatment itself, the chat with the provider to the new age music. I long for the post treatment gloss or glow of  hair, skin and body treatments.  From my twice monthly deep tissue massages, the occasional body scrub to a basic pedicure, it all added up to a more polished and relaxed version of me.

 It’s been a long time since we’ve had our normal beauty / self care routines!

Some beauty products became less important since the pandemic, and for good reason.  If you work from home, it may be easy to forgo make-up unless you have a Zoom meeting. I still wear eye make up, concealer and lip gloss, but my regimen is simpler due to the WFH routine.

Are you missing the results and relaxation of visting your favorite aesthetician, hair stylist or nail salon?

Here are some easy home spa day treatments to help you feel soft, smooth, pampered and relaxed until life gets back to normal:

1. Home spa day with KOPARI Coconut Crush Scrub for fresher, smoother skin

I usually prefer coffee based scrubs, but absolutely love this fragrant, luxurious scrub from Kopari.  Apply it all over your body (skip your face) for instantly softer, smoother skin. The delicious coconut scent makes it a deeply relaxing and sensual experience! With ingredients like brown sugar, coconut oil and castor oil, this scrib has a lot of slip and leaves your skin feeling super moisturized. It is quite grainy, which I love, but mild enough to use a few times a week.  For those who avoid silicones, it is silicone free.

While I also like Kopari’s coconut oil and Shower oil, the scrub is the true super star!

2. EarthScience Hair Masque for tangle free, shiny (long) hair!

I have no issues purchasing expensive hair products, as long as they work. However, sometime simple, natural products like this masque do a fantastic job.  

Right now my hair is longer than it’s been since I was in elementary school. I’m in no hurry to cut it since it’s healthy. However, it tangles more easily and I’m losing hair trying to brush it out.

After returning a disappointing hair mask to Bloomingdale’s last week I bought this $12 mask at the local health food store. It felt quite heavy (in a good way) on my dry locks, but rinsed out clean without any heaviness.  It left my long, fine, tangled and slightly frizzy hair smooth and shiny. It also seems to encourage my natural wave.

Some key ingredients include Avocado, Coconut and Olive) Oil plus  Hydrolyzed Silk Protein. It does contain silicone but otherwise, I love the ingredients and most of all, my results.

3. At home nail salon with Patchology’s Posh Peel for soft feet

11 months with no professional pedicures has left my feet in rough shape!   I just purchased Posh Peel and am looking forward to softer feet in about 2 weeks.

It looks very similar to a product called Baby Foot. In the past I marketed Baby Foot to spas nad med spas while working as a medical aesthetics sales rep.  I’ve had excellent results removing the thick, rough skin from my heels.  Even though summer pool parties may or may not be part of summer 2021, it’s nice to be ready just in case!

If you try these products out, please share your feedback.

If you have questions,  please let me know!

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Michelle Ray is a skin care brand consultant with 13 years of experience in medical aesthetics sales, product development and marketing. She is also a former yoga teacher/massage therapist and a lifelong beauty-product junkie. 

Michelle operates the Smart Beauty Rituals website where she shares honest, accurate information about quality products that can make a real difference in your skin's health and appearance.

Note: I only share products I’ve used personally and wholeheartedly recommend.  All products are Cruelty-Free.

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