June 5, 2020

My must-have clean skincare routine for a healthy complexion

How 302 Skincare's clean skincare routine helped me achieve clear, healthy skin 

Updated 7/8/2020

Are you struggling to keep your complexion from showing signs of aging? Maybe you're seeing more fine lines, dull skin, sunspots or redness.

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Finding the right products can be time consuming, confusing and expensive

If you’re over 40 and confused about how to best maintain clear, healthy skin, I can help. I’ve not only spent 13 years in the skin care industry but also searched for my own skin care solutions. 

That’s how I found and fell in love with 302 Professional Skincare products, which I highly recommend. I believe in this particular line so much that I became an authorized reseller. 

In this blog post, I’ll tell you a little about my skin care journey, why I chose 302 Professional Skincare and what specific products I use. I’ve also included a skin care checklist for you (at the end) based on what I’ve learned along the way.

How redness and uneven skin tone led me to 302 Skincare

Like most women, I've had challenges with my changing skin as I’ve grown older. As a result, in my ’40s, I tried many new skin products (and treatments). But mixing too many products was affecting my complexion: I had skin that was dry in some areas and oily in others, congested in the T zone and often red. 

From past experience, I knew that clean skincare products are typically less irritating than those with questionable ingredients such as PEGs, mineral oil or fragrances.

That’s when I began searching for a new approach to skin care. This led me to Richard Huber, the founder of 302 Professional Skincare, who I knew from a previous professional collaboration. His line was offered mainly in medical spas, but, at the time, I was only familiar with the SPF product. 

A new clean skincare routine for my redness prone, sensitive complexion

When I saw Mr. Huber, he took one look at my skin and promised to send products that would improve my complexion.

My skin challenges:

  • Redness on my cheeks and nose, indicating inflammation/sensitivity.
  • Pore congestion around my nose.
  • Lack of firmness and loss of elasticity on my cheeks.

The 302 skin care routine

The 302 Professional Skincare box I received the next week contained four items:

  • Clinical Formula: Dry/Sensitive Cleanser
  • Calming Mist
  • 302 Drops
  • SPF 30 (renamed Mineral Moisturizer as of 2019)

What impressed me about the line was its focus on both nature and science as well as the use of simple, high-quality ingredients.

I was given these instructions:

  1. Cleanse once a day.
  2. Stop using additional products, especially acid-based products with glycolic acid, retinoids or Vitamin C.
  3. Stop using foundation makeup, except for mineral-based powder (as foundation can cause inflammation and age skin).

If you wear foundation, as I have my whole life, you know this is not an easy thing to do! But I wanted to give it a fair chance, so I decided to follow this advice exactly.

Build healthy skin with sun protection 

My daily 302 clean skincare routine included sunscreen and cleanser, plus a serum three nights per week. Mineral Moisturizer by 302 Professional Skincare contains both moisturizer and mineral based sun protection (13% zinc oxide, 1.25% titanium dioxide).

Regardless of skin type or color, we all need to use sun protection, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. If you don't believe me, ask your dermatologist.

This is the most important step for keeping skin healthy and clear. No serum or moisturizer can replace simple protection from the sun.

Wear SPF 30 or above when spending time outdoors every time!

The sunscreen I received, originally called SPF-30, has an elegant finish and silky texture that won me over right away.

Many SPF formulas are heavy or look greasy after a few hours, so using them is not very pleasant. If you have oily, combination or acne prone skin, you know what I mean. 

With 13% zinc oxide and 1.25% titanium dioxide, Mineral Moisturizer soothes while protecting and moisturizing.

A simple, clean skincare routine heals inflammation

The key ingredients in my second daily product, Clinical Dry/Sensitive Cleanser, are organic green tea and squalane (sustainably derived oil from olives). 

This is a cream, with zero lather. Do you love your foaming or gel-based cleanser like I do? I expected it would take time to adjust to this no-lather formula, but I was excited to see that my skin looked noticeably smooth and felt hydrated after one use. 

My skin felt softer immediately after cleansing. It was easy to switch to using cleanser once a day. This is ideal for many women, especially for mature, dry or normal types.

Repair your skin with 302 Drops serum

302 Drops serum
Build healthy skin and repair damage with this all natural serum

Mr. Huber warned that my skin might react to 302 Drops Rx since I’d recently used an acid-based exfoliant twice a week (0.5% tretinoin cream). 

For this reason, it's recommended that you discontinue use of acids 14-28 days before using this product. The 302 Drops are applied by diluting it slightly with a 302 product called Calming Mist.

My skin did “pink up” after application and remained pink on day two. I used 302 Drops twice a week as instructed, and my skin soon appeared hydrated, smoother and firmer.  

Results: a clear, glowing complexion

While my skin was in reasonably good condition before using 302 Professional Skincare products, it looked noticeably better within a couple of weeks. I saw:

  • Less redness on my nose and cheeks
  • Clean, clear pores that appeared smaller
  • Softer lines and wrinkles
  • Hydrated, smooth skin

I missed wearing foundation at first, but then I realized I didn't really need it with healthy skin. OK, I do still wear foundation sometimes, but it’s no longer an everyday habit. 

A ‘less is more’ skin care philosophy 

Would you like to spend less time and money on your skin care, while seeing better results? I would. So, I appreciate the fact that with 302, less is more. 

While many consumers have been brainwashed by the beauty industry to overuse products, it’s not helpful to your skin in the long run. 

The 302 serums are typically applied only 2-3 times a week. You may choose between 1-3 serums, depending on your skin concerns. Using more will not improve your results and may cause irritation. 

The idea is to stimulate the skin with active formulations but allow sufficient recovery time, thus avoiding inflammation: Stimulation, rest and repeat.

Most of the 302 products are not intended for daily use, except cleansers and Mineral Moisturizer. It might take a little time to adjust, but you’ll love your results!

Shop 302 Professional Skincare

302 Skincare is offered in spas and medical offices worldwide

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Summary of skin care tips

I'd love to help you achieve your skin care goals. So, I created a short, healthy skin care checklist, pulled from my own experience, to get you started.

Smart Beauty Rituals Skin Care Checklist:

  1. Use one high-quality skin care line consistently
  2. Wear sunscreen when outside, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  3. Cleanse once a day unless skin is oily
  4. Stop using additional products, especially acid-based products with glycolic acid, retinoids or Vitamin C
  5. Stop using foundation makeup, except for mineral-based powder (as foundation can cause inflammation and age skin)

Want more skin care help?

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Please note: I only share products I’ve used personally and wholeheartedly recommend.  All products are cruelty free.

Michelle Ray, skin care consultant

Michelle Ray is a skin care brand consultant with 13 years of experience in medical aesthetics sales, product development and marketing. She is also a former yoga teacher/massage therapist and a lifelong beauty-product junkie. 

Michelle operates the Smart Beauty Rituals website where she shares honest, accurate information about quality products that can make a real difference in your skin's health and appearance. 

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