Classic Model & Commercial actor

As an introvert who doesn't enjoy being the center of attention, I was surprised to find that I LOVED my real hair color (a mix of silver, white and dirty blond) after years of coloring. It increased my confidence in my own beauty and led me to pursuing work as a classic model (basically a 40+ model).

Being comfortable with my natural hair color increased my confidence. I started taking commerical acting classes - something I never would have considered before. During the transition process, I constantly received compliments on my natural hair color from strangers (and a few friends).

I booked my 1st classic modeling job for a luxury green, cruelty-free skincare brand, in 2019 and most recently, in 2022, for Thrive Causemetics.

I'm interested in brands that promote natural beauty, womens health, personal growth & wellness.

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