302 Visible Results Kit

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302 Visible Results Kit for Mature Skin 

For All Skin Types/Ideal for ages 35+

Key Benefits:

  • The serums work synergistically for a brighter, firmer & youthful appearance
  • Repair sun damage and minimize the appearance of sun spots
  • Improve skin tone, texture & elasticity
  • Reduce redness
  • Clear congestion, refine the appearance of pores
  • Reduce inflammation for a clearer complexion that requires little to no make-up!

Kit includes:

  1. Clinical Cleanser Dry/Sensitive or Oily/Combination (4 oz.)
  2. A Drops Rx (1 oz.)
  3. 302 Drops Rx (1 oz.)
  4. Ceramide Serum (1 oz.)
  5. Calming Mist Rx  (4 oz.)
  6. Mineral Moisturizer (4 oz.)

Bonus Gift:  Free Lip Balm with every kit $($7 value)



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