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Looking for accurate safety information on personal products?

I recommend visiting the EWG site which stands for Environmental Working Group. Since 1993, it's been an excellent unbiased resource for information on the safety of various skin, body and haircare products.

EWG VERIFIED™: Think consumer products are safe? Think again.

Most products on the market today are made with chemicals that were introduced several decades ago. Since then, scientists have found that many of these chemicals are related to cancer, asthma, birth defects and fertility problems.

Some of these chemicals are in products we use every single day - our shampoo, our soap, our furniture, our mattresses. In many cases, manufacturers don't even have to list their ingredients on their packages or websites, so there's no way for you to know what you're really getting.

Gray Hair Resources

Thinking about Going Gray? I stopped coloring my roots about 4 years ago, after 25+ years of hair color. It changed my life! If you need help as you transition to your natural hair color please check out these resources below.

1. Read Go Gray Your Way! ($4.99 or free with Kindle)

This is my guide to surviving (and thriving!) through your going gray transition.  Whether you go "cold turkey," highlight, lowlight, cut off all your hair or something in between, you'll find tips, photos and inspiration in this booklet.

2. YouTube

My channel is dedicated to skincare & make-up advice for 40+ women, plus haircare and gray hair transformation photos, advice & inspiration!


3. Katie Goes Platinum

This site is truly the ultimate resource for going gray! It's full of tips, photos, transformations, products and much practical "how to" advice on this transition, which turns out to be about much more than hair for many women.

4. Facebook Groups

gray hair

My favorite groups for support, advice and community are below, and there are many more. Most are private, so you must apply to join.

Silver Revolution

Silver Circle

Silver Foxy

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